4 Adwords Ad Writing Tips to Improve Conversions

When writing Adwords ads, you have very little creative room to work with.  You have to make your point quickly within a tiny space.  Oh, and there’s a good chance there are other ads next to yours competing for audience attention.  Here are a few tips to help make your ads stand out and convert to sales better.

Ad text should reflect keyword phrases.

Text that is the same or very similar to the keyword phrase that has been entered into Google is highlighted within Adwords ad text. This makes the ad stand out more on the page, as you can see in our example.  This also makes ad bids cheaper due to increased relevance.

For example, if the ad group primary keyword phrase is “Toronto flowers,” you could include phrases like “Toronto fresh flowers” or “Toronto wedding fowers”, etc. The ad text would then always include the primary keyword phrase “Toronto flowers,” which would be highlighted no matter which keyword phrase in the ad group gets searched.

Test several versions of ad text.
By testing several versions of ad text, you’re not putting all your business’s eggs into one pay-per-click basket. It allows you to evaluate which ones perform best for your business. This allows you to test different selling points and wordings. You can then make modifications to the campaign after it’s been running awhile.

Differentiate from the competition.
Check out what your competition is doing for their ads on your chosen keywords phrases. This allows you to create ads with messages that stand out against the competition.

Use geo-targeted keyword phrases (when relevant).
With geo-targeted Adwords campaigns, we always use the targeted location in the ad text.   Even if the keyword phrase doesn’t include the location.  If a person is shopping around for a Toronto flower store, they will be more likely to click your ad if they see Toronto within the ad text.

These are only 4 Adwords ad writing tips, but if you implement them well, they bring about noticeable improvements to your ads’ conversion rates.