Focus Groups and Co-Creation Events from Convert Innovations – Don’t Go to Market Without Them!

Do you have a product or service that you want to test with potential customers before releasing it to the market? That’s a good idea: effective market research can ensure you go public with confidence. Luckily, Convert Innovations is now offering professionally-managed focus groups to our clients.

Focus groups allow you to “meet your market” in ways that guesswork and assumptions just can’t match. They allow you to to meet your audience and find out their needs. That way you can gauge the demand for your products or services. That’s information you can take to the bank!

Focus groups really do work, but we here at Convert Innovations have taken it to the next level. We also offer a new service we like to call Co-Creation Events. This is a creative process whereby members of your intended market give you feedback to improve your product before you release it. Whereas a focus group helps you shape a marketing strategy, a co-creation event helps you shape your product to match the demands of your intended market.

All of this is delivered professionally, with complete confidentiality and at a price far less than our competitors. We accomplish this by focusing on action rather than a lengthy report.

Our services include:

  • Facilitation by a highly experienced moderator with an MBA
  • Designing of exercises relevant to your product/service and industry
  • Inviting relevant respondants from your list or from the general public
  • NDA signed by all participants
  • Booking of room
  • Filming of session – DVD given to you upon completion
  • Short report and de-briefing
  • Pricing a small fraction of competitors

Additional to this, Convert Innovations can utilize other creative online research methods (see our services page for some of the products we offer). Contact us now to find out more.